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At various points in our lives, we will find ourselves stuck, often repeating patterns and behaviours that are not benefitting or enriching life.

My approach to working with both individuals and couples is to explore past and present relationships, with others and with ourselves, with a view to finding a more sustainable life plan built around acceptance and potential.

Pamela holds a Masters degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and over the last 15 years has worked as a psychotherapist in both the voluntary and private sector.

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About Pamela


Pam’s ability to listen is legendary. She sees you, she hears you, she remembers everything and everyone you’ve ever mentioned. 

She knows what you need more than you do yourself. Her ability to reach in and help you find that is a testament to her capabilities and experience. She gets people.

Pam shares her wisdom clearly and simply with great empathy and patience and holds the ladder steady while she encourages you to climb, one step at a time.

Aoife, Dublin.

I have suffered from social anxiety for as long as I can remember but I trudged on thinking it was the norm. The pandemic heightened my social anxiety, and led to agoraphobia, resulting in severe depression. Pam Clinton was recommended to me and the progress we have made in the last year is immeasurable. Her compassionate, emphatic, relatable, encouraging, knowledgeable and humorous approach to therapy has led to me finding joy in life again. I'm getting my life back and I'm very hopeful and optimistic about the future. I am forever grateful to her.

Elaine, Kildare   

When I first met with Pam I was in a dark place. Life had caught up with me and the traumas buried in the past that I had spent a lifetime running from were now causing me to be a danger to myself. With a mix of compassion, challenge, realism and support, she enabled me to take responsibility for my life and rebuild my trust and confidence. It wasn’t an easy journey; it never is, but with Pam’s guidance and patience I made it out the far side.  

BH, Stillorgan

The space and time we get in our sessions give us a place to bring worries and problems and have Pam direct us towards a resolution.  Pam provides a safe place for us both to reach out and reconnect. Thank you so much  

Barry & Collette, Dublin 



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Tel: 086 2207471

Woodside Cottage | Clane Road |Kilcock | Kildare 
W23 A532

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